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About Edukami

If you are wondering what is Edukami you can check our wisdom about it

2013-04-02, 07:40:15-2014-03-05, 02:28:32

Why Edukami? #

We wanted to make some difference

The prezi presentation explains it all. We want to centralize all of the human wisdom in one place because right now everything is scrambled around. Also wisdom-sharing is happening everywhere on the world - in the form of discussions, intense debates or energetic conversations and we consider that it is meaningful for the human civilization to digitize more of it.

How Edukami can help you? #

We know that at sometime of your life you speaked to someone and he was able to explain his experiences backed up by his knowledge and understandings. And that 5/10/15 minute conversation was more meaningful than 2 month long university course. With that in mind, Edukami will serve the purpose to prepare you for your journey by giving you access to more wisdom for a specific subject.

What is Edukami? #

Edukami is a platform and it is the only place where you can share your wisdom with the community of thinkers. Of course you can do it on your personal blog or via status/tweet messages and right now everybody is doing it this way - that's why a lot of the human wisdom is staying messed up in the internet  in chaos. Edukami is a tool to tidy everything up and make it more accessible and searchable 


Frequently asked questions 

  1. What is "wisdom"?
    • Wisdom is deep understanding in the form of practical experience combined with knowledge. You can check twitter with hashtag #edukami to see more from our community. :) We are curious what is your definition of wisdom?
  2. Can I share everything? What are the themes?
    • There're no restrictions - you can write about everything. 
  3. Is it free?
    • Yes :P
  4. Why should I share my wisdom?
    • Because you will inform the community that you're wise about some specific theme. 
    • Because you will help human mankind thrive together. You are happy that wikipedia exists right? Well, that's thanks to a lot of people contributing to it. :)
    • Because you will express your vision, knowledge, understandings and find people with similar wisdom (which can be great because you will not longer be lonely with your thoughts)
    • Because with the process of sharing your thoughts you will construct them better thus increasing your self-confidence.
    • We hope you will find your own motivation to share your wisdom and when you do be sure to ping us. You can even start with sharing your wisdom about why you should share your wisdom :D
  5. How can I share wisdom?
  6. What does Edukami mean?
    • This is a difficult question but it is a combination of "Education" and "Kami" - which is the japanesse word for God. Basicaly it is something like the new god of education - which is the wisdom :)
  7. Do I need to be super-duper-ultra wise to share something?
    • No, but you need to be comfortable about the subject at hand. Start with something small - like how do you see university life or what do you think about specific technology that you use. You don't need to be mega-giga wise to express your wisdom about these. That's why you can focus explaining your knowledge and experience about something that you're familiar with. 
  8. Who's behind Edukami?
    • You can check our humans.txt about this question :)
  9. How can I help Edukami with it's mission?
    • Invite, share your wisdom, give feedback, be active or drop us a smile at team[at]edukami.com :)

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