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What I got from university

at Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics - Sofia University "Saint Kliment Ohridski" - Bulgaria

2013-04-05, 12:25:56-2013-04-09, 01:52:53

The nightlife #

or apotheosis of "chalga"

I hate chalga and I like ethno music. It is strange that the two of them have a lot in common sometimes. This fact has lead me to understand that sometimes you need to shut your senses down in order to not leave the party in the first 5 minutes. But everytime I did that I regret it - it was a total waste of time to be at a party with music you don't like for the sake of the people ... because mostly of those people got drunk in the first 5 minutes and you can't have any meaningful conversations.

Point taken - go to more bars and explore other places. There're a lot of "jewels" in the big city that deserve to be seen in their wildest moments. Bars and places like:





and a lot more. So my next city where I live in I will try to use more tools to enrich my nightlife - like eventyard, foursquare and maybe usefulatnight. I think that 15 minutes of picking my party destination can be a investment worthy to communicate with my friends :).

The studying #

or blasphemy of deprication

In my opinion almost 70% of the programming disciplines were out-of-date... Almost 80% of the mathematical disciplines were of no use. Yet I ended up studying a lot of those crap and bullshit that professors put down students throat... and I've managed to learn how to learn. For me it was unpleasant journey but somehow I ended up more resiliant to learning new things in short period of time.

My wisdom about the studying is that you should get to know people that are "all-in" the university life and stick with them because they can provide valuable resources like exam schedules, courses, lectures notes, homeworks and etc. From my experience it was always good to collaborate because university is a lot different than school. In school you try to compete with the system and your peers while in university, in my opinion, your only option is to collaborate in order to make it through. That's why I think it was super-duper-giga valuable to participate in study-groups.

The new connections #

or the startup of "you"

I recently watched a presentation of some dudes trying to explain that you should threat yourself the sameway you treat your startup - aggressively :) Well I don't like that approach for a couple of reasons but I approve that sometimes you need to be "aggressive" in some way in order to have fun and make social connections.

One thing I think I did right but too late was to establish a group in Facebook and invite all friends I wish I could hang out with. This move somehow centrilized all of my efforts to  and make our "strategic" moves for going to cinema, theatres, parties etc. more transperant and easy to join. Point taken - for every decentralized local community I get into I will make or join their communication group :)

Other than this the connections I did make in the university were rather pointless from business perspective - maybe it was my fault for not making lemonade when the institution gave me lemons.

Most of the connections I made were business-like, while my social life suffered. Maybe this is due to the entrepreneurial activity I was dragged in but I don't regret it - where there's business, there can also be enjoyment.

The projects #

or how to be alone yet in a team

I feel lonely sometimes and maybe the projects I worked on, somehow, were able to give me a feeling that I am connecting to users in more personal manner. The projects always had more friends/likes/followers than me :D This is paradoxical yet funny - I ended up with lower Klout score for my personal account then my startups.

Some things I was able to extract as good practices are: use pomodoros, use agile/kanban techniques and do whatever it takes to minify your work efforts and increase your productivity (I'm still working on this). This way you will be able to have more off-time, because the projects are never-ending! I'm serious!!! They're unlimitless... once you get yourself in this activity of working IT WILL CONSUME YOU X_X I started working in my first year and never stopped (this is part of my characteristics I guess) - so my social life suffered. It gives me comfort that I didn't waste any precious time but I could waste more on traveling, hiking, biking etc. :)

Point taken for me and probably other fellow IT people - get a hobby FAST - starting from ... NOW! There're a lot you can do in order to keep you sane and off-the-computer for 1-2 hours a day. Give it a try for yoyo, frisbee, rollerskating, running, sports or some martial arts. Currently I'm trying drawing and playing harmonica from time to time. Yet I'm not a role model because the workload is defeating my hobbies :(

The experience #

or defeating the routine

I blame everything good, that happened to me, the university... and I blame everything bad, that happened to me, the university! Leaving it this way I think it is up to the student  to tip the balance for what he gets/puts in the university. It is a common misconception that the university should teach you. 

I think you should learn from the university and try to get the maximum out of it (if you are not only for the degree). People should stop waiting somebody to pour knowledge in their heads - they should grasp the moment and make something out of it.

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