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Entrepreneurship is building your character

why I consider entrepreneurship as workout

2013-04-09, 05:31:35-2013-04-09, 05:31:35

10 things that are making you stronger #

I train my mental power like my physical - with a lot of workouts 

  • Realising my own limits

I often struggle to find what exactly is my work limit i.e how many projects I can grind on. The key thing is that I need to be productive and that depends heavily on the workload I'm enduring. I strongly believe that people can do only 1-2 amazing "things" and if they try to do more - they risk all to fail or to become "moderate" with their work. This is very bad because I try to be exceptional in everything I do (it doesn't matter if I'm not - the whole purpose of trying is enough to achieve the goals).

~ With entrepreneurship I realised that my optimum is focusing on less or equal to  2 projects. (currently I'm working on 3 and it's a struggle to be valuable in every team).

  • Working under stress

I noticed that few people can remain productive under high volumes of stress. Freaking out is the first thing they're doing. So with entrepreneurship there're a lot of stressful situations and "what doesn't kill you (or your business :P) only makes you stronger". I'm trying constantly to stay sane with my mind and body and entrepreneurship is helping me to get stronger.

  • Stage fright

My first time giving a talk in front of ~200 people was scary. In fact I don't quite remember what I was talking (good thing, the day before, I had a training giving the speech with 1-2 of my friends). 

~ I'm still experiencing stage frights but at least at the end I remember what I had spoken :)

  • Juggling

My father once told me to imagine that each aspect of my life is a ball. For start - my health is crystal, my work is rubber and my friends are stone balls. So when I juggle all of them I should try to keep them in the air in perfect balance but when I drop some it may be fatal. The crystal ball will be broken in pieces without being able to gather all of them together. If the stone is dropped it is too heavy and requires a lot of effort to lift it again, while if the rubber ball is dropped it will bounce right back up - there's just too many work in the world to be done :)

~ Entrepreneurship tought me how to juggle and feel comfortable with heavy workloads or "the hits of life"

  • Communication

I'm constanly hearing "I cannot explain my idea - it is too complicated and I need 2 hours to explain it". Well guess what - you're right, I don't have 2 hours, that's why I'll never hear about your exciting idea, as like others. End of story.

~ Communicating my ideas is a big thing in my day-to-day activities. Being in startup teams it is important that my vision/mission/values are clear and I communicate them well. In life nobody will wait - you need to be swift and communicate well.

  • Resiliant to failures

Oh the errors... Error after error, fail after fail. It's like when I got down the entrepreneurship road I've signed a contract for constant failure. They're so many that I'm willing to bet that everybody is doing them. It's like writing code - always debugging your own crap and you try to pass through the compiler (the community) and hope he(they) doesn't see your bullshit. :P

~ The first few times it was hard to fail ... later I've developed more analytical approach to why we're failing. Doing a lot of crazy startups and projects can boost your resiliance (because I think it is inevitable to fail often :)) In the end it is all about how you reach to failures.

  • Not afraid

In my opinion this is probably the biggest workout you can do for your characteristics - try not to be afraid. 

~ Entrepreneurship is not about trying not to be afraid it is about doing it :)

  • Push the boudries

~ In my dictionary there're no "No" words. Exclude things like:

It can't be done

No... bla bla random reason

This will not work

Most of the time these sentences are WRONG! The point here is to push the boundries in the right way. Try everytime you hear some "weakling" telling you that, to switch these senteces with:

Do we need this?

Is it validated?

I think it matters a lot how I approach a problem/feature/idea and if I always block myself with negative thoughts I will not push enough :)

  • Learn to listen & talk

Most of the people don't listen, they only talk. With listen I mean to actually analyse and understand what people are telling you. Take a closer look about how you're communicating. Do you truly listen or you're just pausing while your friend is telling his sentance?

~ I'm constantly improving the balance of listening/talking i.e. I want to listen more and talk only when it's needed. Also I found that people like to be listened (especially customers or users ... and in entrepreneurship you have a lot of those).

  • Burnouts

They're nasty. I have burned out only once - it was awful. I think it was the most unproductive stage of my life. It took me a couple of months with a lof of effort to get back on track. Everything seemed so dull ang grey and I had no mental power to do any work. I don't want to get ever back in that shape - that's why I emerged from it more stronger than before.

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