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Zero marketing

how I'm zero marketing with 3 brands

2013-04-12, 12:05:16-2013-04-12, 12:06:33

General idea #

zero marketing is everything you do

Disclaimer: I have a lot to learn about zero marketing.

I think everything you do that have some meaning for your startup is considered as zero marketing. Some marketologist may disagree. I think that marketing and especially zero marketing is all about experimenting... a lot :)

I will try to define what is zero marketing: marketing without budget involving a lot of persistance. With that in mind I must say that I'm struggling alot with the persistance part :) Multitasking can lead to a lot of distractions, that's why lately I'm trying to do some marketing in the morning (11am) when I'm eating my breakfast and in the evening (7pm) when I'm slowing down my work day. I found that people are more active during mornings and afternoons and IT target groups are active close to midnight too :) Yet If I focus only on the marketing this can lead to much more pleasent results but I think my other activities can suffer.

If you want to have some tangible understanding how well you're doing with your zero efforts you can try using www.klout.com (I'm still experimenting with this tool - targeting people with high klout score). In order not to work in chaos I use http://hootsuite.com for the twitter management. For facebook I use the native webapp.

I'm using http://twittercounter.com/ with email reports. Also currently I'm experimenting with https://en.mention.net/ for WarCluster. For mail marketing I'm using http://mailchimp.com/. I'm sure I can use a lot more http://bufferapp.com/ :)

I'm doing a lot of cross-marketing (don't know if this is leading to something valuable for the brand). I use the following networks a lot:

https://twitter.com/game__design + https://twitter.com/vitaliy_filipov


http://www.linkedin.com/in/vitaliyfilipov (using it only with private messages)

I often end up retweeting my own messages through different networks.

Working with brand designer(Denica) is making my efforts worthwhile because most of the time effective marketing is coupled with good brand identity.

Currently I'm making something as a "methodology" in order to make my marketing efforts more focused because I think I'm not very effective. I'm trying to build a rule base, something like:

  • always engage with the community - retweet, mention, reply(!)
  • be persistant - everyday, no excuses(!) i.e. make it a habbit
  • be social with your brand- like other brands with your brand account, like their messages, comment.
  • humanize your brand - I personally hate when brand messages don't have feelings. I know that people are writing them, yet they seem to forget to express them. I find it difficult to communicate and follow such brands. They're boring and focused only on news about their product/service :(
  • be creative
  • target and segment - I think that people are interested in your brand because of it's domain - that's why it's important to stay true to its origins. For example: Game Craft is focused on game design, gamification and games, Edukami is focused on wisdom, while WarCluster is still young but it will be focused on things in its universe (who defeated who etc.).
  • stay agile 

I'm sure I'm missing something (maybe 1-2 more rules to make the picture more valuable). I find that breaking one of these rules can make my effort much more difficult. 

Every now and then I'm sifting out people I'm following, liking etc. which I think are not bringing anything meaningful in my stream (sorry if you're one of them) :D

Game Craft #


With Game Craft we experimented with blogging. It was great - making something niche as gamification is difficult to market, yet we achieved good results (unforutantely we don't have benchmarks) in our local market (Bulgaria). Our blog is bilingual (english and bulgarian), sometime we tried with russian but it was too much effort. We had clients from our blog which I think is sufficient enough as investment. There we shared some of our wisdom.

You can see the charts of our blog (although is little buggy - we have more than 2 comments and our best ever is 401). The spikes are corelated to our blogging activity. You can notice the decrease in 2013 - this is due to that we break the "persistant" rule.

Following trendy hashtags like #gamification can give me quick insight for what is valuable about blogging, retweeting or researching.

Edukami #


Edukami was our first take with advertisement with banner - you can see it on the right. It was a disaster in terms of click rates (0.31% for 500k impressions) but it had it take for our other marketing efforts.

Genuinely for Edukami I want to build a community (or tribe as Seth Godin is describing it). That's why I've picked "empty hashtag" to start with, in twitter - #smallwisdom and I'm retweeting every message that I consider as wisdom. With Edukami I'm following people who are wisdom sharers in real life that may have something valuable to tweet.

As for facebook I'm thrilled by the power of fun - we're experimenting with a zero marketing campaign and awarding people with "like a sir" achievement if they're actively sharing wisdom on conferences, lectures, courses, mentoring etc.

WarCluster #


HootSuite is giving me great twitter management and rapid re/tweeting etc. It is free up to 5 accounts.

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