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My magic pattern wisdom

For all pattern lovers <3

2013-05-13, 12:53:01-2013-05-13, 01:07:07

Make your tile

Here it is 200x200px

Make your grid

Grids are always useful, I love them as much as the patterns <3

Draw a giraffe!

...or a monkey, or a squirrel, or whatever you want. It's important to keep only the half of the vector shape on the canvas.

And the giraffe again!

Copy the shape so that the feet of the giraffe show from the top of the canvas. This way it won't be able to see the end of one of the tiles and the beginning of the other one.

More giraffes

And, of course, fill the other part of the canvas with shapes, again half of them on one of the sides and the other half on the other side.

Add colors!

Fill your shapes with the color you want.

...and give it a try!


Now, go and have fun.

and you can share something you made in the comments :)

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