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One week of a life of a startup guy :D

2013-10-18, 08:15:54-2013-10-18, 08:27:21

First day #


I learned that working in dev teams is not always about programming style guides - it's about using the same tools (like jquery vs. DOM api) and branching model.

Also I watched a video about dota2 and esports and I liked a lot the team philosophy behind team "Alliance". They're more introspective and this made them one of the best in the world. I'll think about our own team cohesion. Absolutely a video worth watching if you're a startup person.

Second day #


Freezing projects is hard. Especially when the reason for that is related to having enough free time. I realized my own limits the hard way. Now I know that when it comes to working in teams I'm able to do 1 major project and 1 minor one (side project). Everything beyond that is walking on thin ice.

Studying Go lang at the faculty seems to be quite funny. The lecturers are really trying to make it interesting. That's why I remembered that pointers in Go can be returned from local scope of a function 

I've stumbled upon an interesting blog about entrepreneurship. I know most of the theoretical (for example product-market gap) things but I'm not doing them in practice. I wonder why it has to be that way.

Fourth day #


After this video I realized that I should not waste my time doing ridiculous things for no reason.

Fifth day #


Losing my smartphone today turned to be some educational experience - I've learned about Android's anti-theft app.

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